QUESTION: Can one individual serve as 1) a PI for a diversifying grant from their institution and 2) a dual licensure inclusive grant external evaluator for another institution? Thank you.

ANSWER: There are no Compact-imposed restrictions that would disallow a person named as PI on a priority 2 award from serving in an external evaluator role for another IHE’s priority 1 award. Factors to consider when determining whether or not an individual can/should serve as an external evaluator for another IHE include: the relationship of the prospective evaluator to the IHE with whom he/she would be working, the evaluation-related expertise/skills of the prospective evaluator, and any limitations imposed by the prospective evaluator’s employing IHE/employer.

QUESTION: For Priority I, can grant funds be used for student stipends?

ANSWER: Under Priority 1, grant funds may be used to support tuition for graduate assistants working on the project. Stipends used for other purposes must be identified and explained as to how stipends would support the work of the proposed project.

QUESTION: A consortium of IHEs (WSU/ UD/ CSU/MU) are interested in submitting a proposal relative to diversifying the educator workforce. We met today and the person we asked to attend the conference shared that she was unable to do so. I assume that this means that we can submit a proposal?

ANSWER: Since this would be a consortium proposal, as long as a representative from one of the IHEs in the consortium attended the bidder’s conference, we would allow a proposal to be submitted. Please make sure to identify which IHE would serve as the fiscal agent.

QUESTION: There is a possibility that we will submit for a Priority Area #1 Incentive Grant. Currently, I am downloading all the documents (i.e., RFA, RFA Budget and RFA Application) from the Ohio Deans Compact website. I am looking for a portal to upload all the application materials if we proceed; however, there does not seem to be a specific link to submit the final documents. Or is the application submitted to you directly?

ANSWER: The completed RFA and supporting documents are submitted to the portal on the Compact site: will need to enter the appropriate PIN that was provided at the bidder’s conference for the grant for which you are submitting a proposal.